Antique Spinning Wheels and Looms

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Suffolk County LoomWelcome to my blog!

This is where I will share my passion for the spinning and weaving tools  of yore!

My first encounter with an antique spinning wheel occured when I was just 17 years old.

Having married a police officer who was acting as a live-in caretaker for a historic house, I was often inspired to wander the rooms  after the public had gone home. It was always a wonder to me, the marvelous and ingenious things  people had made from their own two hands, basic knowledge, and the right tools.

The particular house we watched over had a small apartment attached, which was our living quarters and offered me an open invitation to pass over the shared threshold into a world of wonderful items, many of which were completely unfamiliar to me, a 20th century woman.

Of course, the spinning wheel was recognizable, and I was captivated by it, though at the time, I mistakenly thought that the knowledge of how to use one had died with the  Colonials.

It took my twenty years, to discover that spinning was alive and well……in my own town!

A local lady offered to get me started spinning and weaving and I’ve  been hooked ever since.

My passion for the spinning wheels and weaving looms drives me, and I’ve spent alot of time, learning and researching both.

My favorite place to be is the museums, particularly if they have a number of interesting wheels/looms. There, I can see more examples of pieces than I ever would come by on my own, and I get to see them up close!

It is my hope to share information, and expand the data base of old wheels and looms, keeping  the  information alive for future generations.

Kathryn McMahon


18th & 19th Century Spinning Wheels & Looms


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