For Comparisons Sake – Early American Spinning Wheels

Today is a kind  of rest  day for me but here are some links to wheels of different kinds that will give an idea as to how many types and differences there are.

I have put in my comments as to what seems to be the problems either with the wheel  or the seller not being familiar with the topic.

 These are all on eBay.


Link to ebay

Great Wheel missing parts/mixed matched parts: Not  easy to replace, and  costly when you do.



Great Wheel missing spindle post and spindle assembly. Basically a useless whee for spinning.


Nice wheel, telltale  tensioner  – missing spindle assembly – tensioner style gives clues to origin (state)


Parlor wheel declared to be a “travelors wheel’ –


an upright wheel looking as  if the  base  isn’t  original


Spinning  wheel  parts  – good look at Mother of All(s) etc.


Not an old wheel but brand new. Pay attention & make sure you know what your’e buying.


Refers  to “shuttle” having been repaired? No shuttles on spinning wheels or used with them.


Stamped wheel missing bobbin and flyer- can be replaced but must be custom made $$$$$ Too difficult

to replace from another wheel.



These are print postcard images from The Library of Congress. I find them very interesting and informative. Check out the other objects in the photograph for clues to age and  locale.

You can  also look under ‘spinning wheels in art” and you will find paintings with various spinning wheels in them too. Have fun! Test Your Sluething Skills – look for incongruities.



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