Spinning Wheel Parts

Ebay wheel parts:


The first picture shows the parts grouped together, there are a bunch of spinning wheel parts to be sure, but also parts that have nothing to do with spinning wheels.

In the  photo #2  there are five spindles.

The first spindle appears to be a quiller spindle, the next two are Great Wheel spindles, probably used as “direct drives” but could have been used with an accelerated head. Number four is a quiller spindle with it’s bobbin, and five appears to be an incomplete quiller spindle as well.

Quillers are small wheels with longish tables that usually had wooden boxes built into the bench. The drive wheels are typically wide like a Great Wheel and they were used to wind yarn onto bobbins for weavers use.

Photo #3 shows three bobbins ( the type wound by quillers and used by weavers) and quite frankly three parts that could be spinning wheel parts and maybe not. I’m inclined  to think they are but I cannot see well enough to tell what they are.

Photo #4 –  Broken flyer for a saxony wheel. Quite useless because it cannot be repaired. An entirely new flyer would have to be made. Flyers differ in shape and size, so mixing and  matching them  is an “iffy” proposition.  It’s very difficult to match  orphaned flyers to a wheel with any success.  There are also two Great Wheel spindle assemblies,one missing a spindle, the other intact. Both are missing their “capstans” but that is very common. The capstans are little knobs that  sit on the very top of each post. Note the wooden  screws below each  assembly. These raise and lower the posts which will alter the tension on the drive band to some extent. It only works with accelerated heads as the direct drive spindles are held in place with leathers and are immoveable. So it’s safe to say that these type of assemblies with the posts were beyond a doubt made to accomodate an accelerated head. Any time you see one without the accelerated head, your looking  at an incomplete assembly.

 Picture #5 – two Great Wheel assemblies and a non-spinning/weaving related part.

 Picture  #6 Four accelerated heads ( remember not all accelerated heads are “MINORS” heads) one Great Wheel spindle assembly with head but no  spindle, to the left is a GreatWheel hub and spokes ( junk)  and top is a non-related part. 

It is  very common to find miscellaneous parts when looking at spinning wheel parts. Things get thrown in together and of course not a whole bunch of people are able to identify 18th & 19th century tools. It’s fun to find a “box o parts” though.

Like Old Mr. Perdue used to say- Pieces Parts –



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