Early American Textile Tool Registry

My consulting business – Early American Textile Tools will have the registry up and ready to document 18th & 19th Century textile tools by April 1, 2008.

The purpose of the registry is to locate and document as many 18th & 19th century spinninng wheels, looms and related tools as possible, providing a data base for scholars, researchers and enthusiasts.

Early American tools are of prime interest, but there will be a separate section for  all others NOT of  American origin.

No personal info on tools or their owners will be divulged without consent. Those tools located in museums will be published (with consent) for anyone wanting to visit and see firsthand.

While there is no cost to register a tool or tools, nor to access the data, there is an annual membership fee of $25.

This will include:

  •  An e-newsletter every quarter ( hardcopies available).
  • Documentation of your tool(s) one copy for EATTR and a copy for your files
  • Information regarding style, type,origin, maker, intended use, conditon, age, provenance and value ( for insurance purposes).

To submit a spinning wheel for registry it must have 3 clear photos with it. Photos should be taken of both sides with another of  the spindle assembly.

Looms should have 3 photos: 1 front, 1 back, 1 side.

For further info on the registry please email me at: 


Ask about rates for workshops and lectures- please email me for info.



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