So,  I’m under  the  impression  that  no  one  is  benefiting from  this  site  and  I’m  about  to delete it from the  web.

If  there is  something  that  you would like to know  about specifically let  me know and  I’ll post  here.

Otherwise,  I’m deleting  this  blog as of  Monday – April 21.


One Response to “Interest”

  1. Sonja Says:

    Well, I’m so sorry to hear that. It took me weeks, and months, and years, and webring memberships, and comments, to build up any kind of a network of people with similar interests. And then my life changed and I stopped blogging every day.
    My most loyal readers were people I knew outside of the internet, since I’m not exactly a flash-in-the-pan, this-week’s-hot-blog sort of person. It’s very difficult to reach quality people with similar interests on line. What kept me going was the need to share, and the belief that I benefited others regardless of whether they commented or not. So I keep my blog, hoping I’ll again want to say something, hoping someone else wants to read it, even if it takes me months to post something new. I haven’t posted since last July, but still I get visits almost every day.
    Personally, I’m fascinated by what you post, and I think you have a lot of valuable things to share. Yet I rarely have time to read or comment, like maybe once a week, even though I have a very brief favorites list. (When I was more active with blogging, I would check so many times a day!) I’ve benefited from your website, and I’ve learned something from it in my pursuit of finding out more about my wheel, and yet I’m loathe to take advantage of your knowledge about it so freely. I have little to say because I know so little. What you know is so cool!
    So, I just hope you don’t delete your blog, even if you take a break from it for a while. By the way, is your registry up yet? I’m not sure my wheel is up to par for that, but I’m still interested!

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