Weaving is a wonderous activity with it’s own set of tools, techniques and terms ranging from the antiquated to the modern and mechinized.

My calling is to bring to life Colonial women who supplied the needs of their households through their own efforts, producing functional and beautiful textiles from spinning wheels and looms that were handhewn from native wood, with a particular purpose in the mind  of the creator who built the tool to perform the task at hand and last a long time.

Did the crafstman or the housewife guess that their tools would last centuries? Could they have ever imagined that 200 years later, a 21st century woman such as myself would usee these tools and techniques of weaving to understand their lives? That by relating to them through the tools, I would be able to understand myself? Most likely not, but  I hope to bring to life those men and women who passed through this world long, long ago leaving behind lovingly crafted  tools from another world, time, existance.

For reasons I cannot explain, I am drawn to these tools, artifacts and textiles, first with awe and reverence, then with excitement annd finally with affection feeling like I’ve actually “met” the builder and the weaver or spinner.

My goal is  to  enrich your life with the knowledge I’ve gleaned in my travels, studies, research and collecting, not to mention use.

Please feel free to contact me at: fossilcreekfarm@yahoo.com



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